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After the attack of the walkers the previous day,
Rick calls Morgan on his walkie talkie he needs to say
That Atlanta has fallen, it isn't safe at all,
But he gets no response, another time he'll call.

Andrea is with Amy, she is very upset that Amy is dead,
Amy reanimates, Andrea cries, "I love you" and shoots her in the head. 
Jim is acting very strange around the campsite,
Jacqu discovers that he's hiding a bite. 
Daryl tries to kill Jim, but Rick is more forgiving,
He reminds Shane that, "We don't kill the living."
They then argue about the right course to take,
Rick wants to head to the CDC, Shane thinks this is a mistake. 

Shane tries to talk Lori into going to a military base,
But Lori backs her husband, the CDC seems the right place.
Whilst on a sweep of the woods, Shane has Rick in his sight,
He thinks about shooting him, but Dale is watching, it's not right.  
The group pack up their supplies and are to leave this home, 
When Morales says that his family will be heading off on their own. 
Dale's RV breaks down and they search for parts from cars nearby,
Jim asks that he be left under a tree, to be by himself to die. 

Edwin Jenner is in a high-tech laboratory, his progress is poor, 
It's been 63 days since the virus went global, he has no cure.
He has destroyed some diseased tissue, he really has tried,
Perhaps the only solution is that he commit suicide. 

Rick and his group arrive and there are walkers around,
They manage to get to the front door, where it's found
To be locked, so Rick seeing a moving camera, bangs on the door,
After a while the door opens, they enter, hoping they're safe once more.

Dale Horvath

When the outbreak starts, Dale is on a trip in his RV,
His wife has died from cancer, he rescues Andrea and Amy.
They were in Atlanta and in the outskirts of the city,
They find a group of survivors who are very gritty.  

After a walker attack when some survivors die,
They pack up their bags and head for the CDC nearby.
Dr Edwin Jenner lets the group enter, it has hot food,
A shower, real beds, they feel safe,  not screwed. 

But the group finds out that the CDC is about to explode,
Dale tries to flee with Andrea, but she's doesn't want to go. 
He's not going to leave without her, this isn't what she wants him to say, 
At the last minute they run out of the doors and then drive away. 

They stop on a highway where there are lots of cars and trucks,
To search for food, for clothes, anything, they need some luck. 
Dale spots a herd of walkers coming straight towards where he's stood ,
He hides on the top of the RV, Sophie panics, and runs in the woods. 

Dale and  the group  meet up with Rick and Lori at a farm,
It is owned by Hershel and his family and it has a certain charm.
They set up camp  where they can continue in their search,
To find Sophie and not to leave her in the lurch.

Dale is told that Hershel keeps walkers locked up in a barn, 
He confronts Hershel, who says they are sick people, they mean no harm.
The group decide that the barn is unsafe, they must put down the dead,
They open the doors, a zombified Sophia emerges, she's shot in the head. 
Rick captures Randall, who is from a dangerous gang of men,
He says he needs to be killed, but Dale disagrees and then,
He patrols the farm and he spots a cow that is making no sound,
Dale turns around and is attacked by a walker, he falls to the ground.

He can't fight the walker off, it digs in and scoops out his insides,
The group hear his screams, "We can't save him," Hershel decides, 
"His injuries are too severe," and after saying sorry, Daryl shoots Dale,
He's buried the next day and in honour of Dale, they release the male. 
Dale’s death


Daryl is angry to see his brother’s severed hand, 
He threatens T-Dog with his crossbow and
Rick points his revolver at Darryl, he’ll fire for sure,
Darryl stands down, there’s a trail of blood on the floor.

To retrieve the bag filled with guns, Glenn has a plan, 
But two men arrive in a car and they kidnap this man,
Rick, Daryl and T-Dog take a young Latino hostage and he tells,
He’s from a group called The Vatos, they want the guns as well. 
The Latino named Miguel, tells them where the group is,
They go there and find their leader, Guillermo, and his 
group of survivors, he won’t trade Glenn, Rick asks with all his might,
Guillermo orders them to bring the guns or be ready for a fight! 

After discussing what to do, the three men go back to broker a deal,
They offer half the guns in exchange for Glenn, but Guillermo doesn’t feel
This is what he wants, everyone is jittery, there is tension in the air, 
When a grandmother appears, she scolds her grandson and gives everyone a glare. 

The Veto’s are protecting a retirement home, the old and the frail, 
Rick sees they are good people, so he hands over the guns to ensure they don’t fail.
Back at the camp, the group are having a celebration fish fry
When nobody hears the screams of Ed as he is bitten and dies.
Next Amy is exiting Dale’s RV and is bitten by a walker on her arm,
Andrea is upset, she should have protected her sister from harm. 

The campsite is overrun with walkers, some survivors are eaten,
The rest of the campers take cover behind Shane and Dale, they won’t be beaten. 
With limited ammunition they fire at the walkers and pray to the Lord,
When Rick and the others return and shoot down the horde. 

In the arms of Andrea, Amy takes her last breath and dies,
And Andrea is inconsolable, she breaks down and cries… 


Merle Dixon is still handcuffed and is shouting in fear, 
He screams to God to help him,  the walkers are near.
They hear him screaming and bang on the locked door,
Merle gains his composure, he's not asking God anymore. 
Merle handcuffed on roof of store
He sees a handsaw knocked down in their rush to leave,
He reaches over to grab it, he can get it he believes.
The group arrive at the camp and Rick sees everyone:
Shane, his partner,  Lori, his wife  and Carl, his son. 

Rick tells Lori that he knew she and Carl were not dead, 
"The family albums had been taken from our home," he said. 
Rick meets Daryl, and tells him about Merle's plight, 
It's his brother they left there, Daryl  is angry and wants to fight. 
Rick agrees to go to Atlanta with Daryl and look everywhere,
And also Glenn and T-Dog, who feels guilty he left Merle there.
While they're gone, Lori speaks to Shane about their affair,
She tells him to stay away from her, he says it's not fair. 

The woman in the group are in the quarry getting things clean,
When Carol's husband, Ed, shouts at her, Andrea intervenes. 
Ed slaps Carol and Shane who is angry, beats up Ed,
Shane says if he sees him abuse anyone again, he's dead.  
Back in Atlanta, the four men arrive at the store,
They make they way up to the rooftop once more.
Darryl runs onto the roof, he starts yelling and crying and,
Rick and the others arrive, there's no Merle, just a severed hand!