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Lori is in the woods, berries and plants need to be found,
The survivor camp is hungry, a noise makes her turn round.
Afraid that it's a walker, she stifles a shout,
But it's Shane who appears and they start to make out. 
The voice on the radio tells Rick he can get out,
The walkers are feasting on the horse, he shouts,
Rick grabs his weapon and a grenade by his feet,
He opens the hatch and runs down the street. 

He runs into a young man, who is called Glenn,
They make their way to his hideaway den. 
When they reach it, a gun is pointed at Rick's head,
"You have compromised the group," a female has said.
The woman is called Andrea and she likes to be bad ass,
They hear shots from the rooftop, they run up real fast. 
Merle Dixon is sniping walkers and behaving quite mad,
Morales tries to stop him, Merle beats him up bad. 
Rick takes command of the group and has to act tough,
He decides the best plan is to use his handcuffs.
Merle is left coupled to a pipe on the roof space,
The group hatch a plan to escape, it's not safe. 

They slaughter a walker and drain his blood and guts,
Rick and Glenn are covered, this has to work, no ifs or buts. 
They make their way to a nearby construction site,
The horde ignores them, the plan is working, hold tight.

But then to their horror, a sudden rainstorm begins,
The guts are washing off, the walkers are closing in.
Rick manages to run to the site and get in a truck, 
Glenn hotwires a sports car, that was a piece of good luck. 

Glenn sounds the horn and gives a loud whoop, 
And Rick drives the truck to get to the group.
T-Dog is guarding Merle, Jacqui tells him to flee,
But in his haste to unlock the handcuffs he loses the key. 
To ensure Merle is safe, T-Dog locks the door,
And they run to the truck to escape the gore.
Just outside the city limits, Glenn speeds in his car,
They're headed to their safe zone, it's not that far. 

Top Five Halloween Comedy Horror Movies

Number 5



I do like a zombie apocalypse film and this is my favourite – it is my equivalent to National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation (my ultimate favourite Christmas movie – blog to follow in December) but for Halloween. It follows the adventures of a geeky college kid who meets three strangers along the way to find a sanctury free zombie zone.

bill-murrayBill Murray shows up in this film, as himself, disguised as a zombie. 

Number 4


Carry On Screaming

The 12th film in the Carry On franchise, this time concentrating on horror; it was a parody of the Hammer horror films that were popular at the time. It follows the story of two police officers investigating a missing woman which leads them to a mansion that has strange goings on at and they uncover a plot to turn people into wax mannequins.

 Number 3



A 1988 comedy horror which stars Alec Baldwin, Geena Davis and Michael Keaton. The plot is a recently deceased couple haunt their former home and they summon a devious poltergeist called Betelgeuse (Beetlejuice) to scare the new inhabitents permanently.

Number 2


Young Frankenstein

A comedic adaptation of Mary Shelley’s novel, this film pays homage to the classic horror genre.  It follows the story of Dr Frederick Frankenstein a physican who inherits his family’s estate in Transylvania after the death of his great- grandfather, Baron Beaufort von Frankenstein. He finds a secret entrance to a laboratory and proceeds to follow in his great-grandfather’s footsteps to re-animate a human corpse….  A great film with the added bonus of Peter Boyle as The Monster, for those of you who don’t know, he’s Frank in Everybody Loves Raymond!

Number 1

Shaun of The Dead poster

Shaun of the Dead

Another zombie apocalypse movie, but set in England. Our heroes at first do not even notice the apocalypse but when they do decide that the best plan is to hide out in their local pub.

This film stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, but there is a wealth of English comedians, comic actors and sitcom stars including Tamsin Greig, Martin Freeman, Reecee Shearsmith and some have cameos as zombies including Rob Drydon, Russell Howard and Joe Cornish.

So there you go, my top five of horror comedies, I won’t be posting top five of horror films as I don’t watch them, I don’t like horror films but love zombie films, no, I don’t understand it eiher….  Happy Halloween!


Halloween Shortcuts

Halloween or Hallowe’en, also known as Allhalloween, All Hallows’ Eve, or All Saints’ Eve, is a celebration observed in several countries on 31 October, the eve of the Western Christian feast of All Hallows’ Day. It begins the three-day observance of Allhallowtide, the time in the liturgical year dedicated to remembering the dead, including saints, martyrs, and all the faithful departed – Wikopedia.

When I was a child, Halloween was nothing more than a time to pull over my head either the white cotton sheet or the black plastic dustbin liner, walk round to the neighbours in the street and collect sweets from them. But when I had kids, this progressed to having to make the costumes, perhaps being able to purchase a witch’s hat, but nothing more and walking round with groups of parents, not just in your street, but the entire housing estate!

skeletonHalloween here in England is probably not as popular as it is in America, but it is certainly growing in popularity. So if Halloween is a nightmare for you, here’s some shortcuts to enjoying a more relaxed All Hallows.

Pumpkin Carving

I’ve been there in the kitchen with my children, carefully drawing out a picture on a pumpkin, having to cut out that picture without losing a finger, scooping out all that fleshy pulp with seeds flying everywhere.

pumpkin-wordsWell, Not On The High Street have a solution to that, fun pumpkin decorating stickers. Easy to apply, just clean the surface of your pumpkin where the sticker is to be placed, dry thoroughly and pop the sticker on! What could be easier and at £6.50 each, a small price to pay for the time and effort spent in carving and clearing away all that mess!

Halloween Cupcakes


If baking is really not your thing, but you would love to have some Halloween cupcakes, then you couldn’t do worse than buying a pack of plain cupcakes from your local supermarket, along with some pre-made frosting which you can pipe on top of the cupcakes and then you can order some sugar ghost halloween cupcake decorations from CakeCraft World  to place on top. These are a very reasonable £8.70 for 84 sugar ghosts, perfect for those homemade-style cupcakes!


swamp-zombieUnless you are very handy with the needle, costumes always used to be a nightmare, but thankfully you can rely on our trusty supermarket stores now to buy Halloween outfits at reasonable prices. Just remember to heed the instructions to keep away from naked flames. Prices are on average £12.00 and there is an enormous amount of choice. The one shown is a Green Swamp Zombie costume from Sainsburys.


halloweenFor the quick and easy way to decorate your house, why not buy a projector.  The projector projects a 4 foot by 6 foot screen which shows 16 second movies – a perfect Halloween decoration and for extra value for money, there is also Christmas films.  This costs £21.35 from Amazon.



So that’s my Halloween shortcuts, but remember not everybody enjoys this night, so please respect people’s wishes if you see a poster like the one from my local Hampshire Constabulary and Fire and Rescue Service:


And to finish – a Halloween poem:





Ghost (mis)Adventures


Last year, my husband, Phil and I went on a National Trust road trip. We visited Erddig Hall first, then to Speke Hall and finally to Charlecote Park. But this blog is concentrating on our visit to Speke Hall.

We arrived at Speke Hall at about 7.15pm, a bit late in the evening one would think, but not for us, it was time for a ghost hunt!

Other people began to turn up with varying degrees of nervousness, we all smiled nervously at each other and then the previous ghost hunting party came round the corner. We tried to read their faces, see how nervous they were, but they weren’t giving anything away.

We were greeted by a National Trust guide who issued us with torches which apparently were only for helping us around the house from room to room, once in the room, they were turned off!

After a few do’s and don’ts from the guide, we headed towards the Hall. It was pitch black and the hall was lit only by a couple of lights, making it look very creepy indeed. (I may use the word ‘creepy’ a lot in this!)

We entered the Hall via a small door and stood in the entrance hall to await The Lady in Black (or Sheila as she is known in everyday life). I have to say that none of us saw her arrive and she gave us quite a start, dressed in a period black costume. She explained that she was a paranormal investigator with over ten years experience and that she had investigated all sorts of places. She showed us her paranormal equipment which consisted of a rem pod and EMF detectors, both which are used to signify the presence of something.

Then began the hunt… In each of the rooms we were told of the things that had happened to people: being touched, being pushed, voices heard, dark shadows, spirits manifesting in front of people’s eyes.   There was one particular room where the presence of children is felt and someone in our group did feel cold air in front of them. “Children, do you want to come and play?” asked The Lady in Black, “Come on, hold somebody’s hand, let them know you are here,” at which point I placed my hands firmly in my pocket!

The room which I felt most comfortable with was The Great Hall, there seemed to be a relaxed feel about it which was surprising as this was the room that the paranormal guide had seen spirits manifest in. The room that I felt most uncomfortable in was the blue bedroom – it was a small room and once the torches were out was extremely dark. I was going to grab Phil’s hand at this point, but thought that that was probably the worst thing I could do…

I think that both Phil and I wanted something to happen, for the EMF detectors or rem pod to go off, to hear a bump in the night but unfortunately the spirits were obviously taking a break that night.   All in all though, it was a great first ghost hunt, it wasn’t scary, just very, very creepy!!

We stopped off at Charlecote Place on the way home and whilst I was in the kitchen I heard a voice in my ear say, “Come on!!” in a very impatient manner, I looked at Phil and asked him, “Did you just say something to me?” His reply was, “No, I didn’t say a word…..”

A very creepy Speke Hall, Liverpool