Diary of a 17 year old girl to a 21 year old married woman…

April 3rd


I didn’t go to school today cos I had an interview for a police job. It was a bit scary but I think I did okay. Mum came with me to the interview, she stayed downstairs with the traffic wardens. I had to do a typing test, which I think went okay. We went to Sally’s after and I held Kelly. Alan gave me some of his records.


Grittar won The Grand National, I won the bets at home. Saw Liz, she had been to her cousin’s wedding.


Took Bruce for a walk down RVH with mum, it was really crowded and Bruce stole a sandwich from somebody’s picnic. Mum told me to hide the lead and pretend he doesn’t belong to us! I went back later and met with Steve.


Bev came back to work today. I practised my solo. Dallas was good tonight. Mum lent me £20 to help with my money situation.

Dallas was a soap opera-style programme. It was set in Dallas, Texas and was about a wealthy Texas family. They did many shady business dealings and were a very dysfuntional family.


Spent dinnertime with Vanessa – met her at 8:00 at Painted Wagon, then went to Tom Tackle and finally Red Lion. I went on to Friday’s nightclub, where Phil was having his leaving do. It was good fun.

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