Diary of a 17 year old girl to a 21 year old married woman…

March 4th


School was fun today – sat at the back in RE with Allyson, people were passing around notes about the teacher’s love bite on her neck!! Carol told us she had a crush on our history teacher(!) and Wendy walked into a door. Majorettes was good, I practised my two baton routine. We were told that Miss Debbie wasn’t coming back to train us anymore!

Me in my majorette twirling days


Me and Anna went to Winchester on the train, I managed to buy some Abba photos of when they performed at Wembley Arena. We walked around the shops, I bought a nice top and Anna got some new shoes.


Managed to get the tickets for Fame – I can’t believe it, we are in the front row!! Very, very, very excited now! I did Crown Court job today at work, it went okay, but I prefer to be typing summonses. Had to rush a file over to court, I hate walking into the courtroom to the prosecutor to pass the file, feel like everyone is watching me.


Went to Sue’s house after majorettes, she was crying as she had broken up with her boyfriend. She had True on repeat, I used to like that song, but now not sure.

Sixth best selling single of the year, released in 1983. Written by Gary Kemp and received a BMI award for one of the most played songs in US history with four million airplays.


Phil and I went to the building society to see about a mortgage. Lots of paperwork plus letters to prove wages, we got the mortgage! So excited, our own flat!

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