Diary of a 17 year old girl to a 21 year old married woman…

March 13th


School was fine – Me, Wendy and Carol went to the youth wing at dinnertime, there was nobody there so we had the place to ourselves. Had a test in RE, got 16/20. Saw Abba in Concert – fantastic! Practiced majorettes for tomorrow.

Abba toured North America, Europe and Asia in 1979 and performed 52 shows – one of my regrets is not being able to go to the concert in Wembley Arena.


Had my driving lesson today – I don’t like driving very much, I get very anxious before a lesson and he tells me off all the time! Went to town with Liz in the afternoon and bought a dress from C&A, then we went to Amanda’s disco in the evening. It was okay, it was mainly girls.

Remember C&A? Not a shop that is found on our high streets anymore – but I have seen it overseas.


Majorettes was okay, something was up with Lisa, but she didn’t say?? Went to the RSPCA with mum and dad to look for a dog, but it was shut! Mum is going to phone them up tomorrow.


Shit day today! The Echo never printed Sue’s 18th birthday message! We never went to the club tonight! I had a row with mum! We did make it up later though.


Back working on summonses today at work, nice to be back with the girls! Phil met me after work and we went to my house.

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