Diary of a 17 year old girl to a 21 year old married woman…

March 1st


Today was okay. Pam was at home when I got home and so we went up to Sally’s where we watched Hart to Hart. It was the last in the series of Agony.


Had an interview with the Southern Daily Echo today. I don’t know how well I did, I’m not even sure that I want the job. Watched Not The Nine O’Clock News where they did a paradoy of Physical by ONJ, but they called it Typical Bloody Typical.


Work was okay – still learning Sheila’s job, not sure if I like doing her job, but I suppose it’s good that Margaret wants me to learn it, it shows that she thinks I can do it. Went for a walk aroung the village, very quiet, nothing to report.


I got told off at work by Jan for typing something wrong on a summons, she crossed it out with a pen, reminded me of being back at school and getting homework back with red pen marks all over it! Sue came round and we talked about boys, she is having boyfriend trouble with Dean, he’d rather go out with the boys than see her in the evening. I met Neil at lunchtime, we went to Kentucky Fried Chicken where I had chips and baked beans and gravy – my favourite!


Went into town at lunchtime and bought 12 inch record of King, Love and Pride, which is brill. Phil came round in the evening and we went to The Station Hotel for a drink. We were both asked our age by the landlord, which was quite funny as we are both 20 years old!

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